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The Official UQC Commercial - Extended Version

Attention, Attention...It's Here People the release of the 1st Official UQC Commercial ViD that debuted this past weekend at the 1st Annual Black Millennial Film Festival. A special thanks to my ‪#‎TeamUnique‬ & everyone who was involved in the production and helped contribute to make a great visual product. This video speaks to what Unique Creations Apparel is all about, individuals who are not afraid to embrace what makes them different from the rest and be comfortable in their own skin. So go check out the video, Like it, Comment on it, and share it and help us spread this message and make this an historic event. This is just one of many to come...and make sure you "Wait" until the end of the ViD to see what is coming up next for UQCApparel, now with out further adue The Official UQC Commercial ViD - Extend Version Starts NOW!!!

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