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E.P.I.C : A Show of Fashion (Empowering Positivity In Our Community)

In collaboration with Unique Creations Apparel and the Phoenix Handbag Brand....Begin 2017 year off with and bang as we invite you to join us for a fashion event: E.P.I.C. A Show of Fashion!!! (Empowering Positivity In Our Community). This event is about celebrating true creativity, passion, and empowering young aspiring entrepreneurs through fashion, cosmetology, and modeling. This show will provide positivity and demonstrates self-worth, self-confidence and the support that a community can bring to each one of us. E.P.I.C. fashion show will create the atmosphere of bringing talented local designers from the DMV area together to celebrate their craft and encourage those aspiring to do the same. Unique Creations Apparel is the flagship brand of the event. Their message and purpose has been to create more than a clothing line, but a lifestyle of individuals embodying their own self-confidence and to embrace those special characteristics that separate them from the rest.

Believe me, this is an event you do not want to miss! Mark your calendars now for Saturday, February 25, 2017 and come out to experience art through fashion and beauty from Unique Creations Apparel, along with DMV local designers. All brands alike will captivate you with their designs and beautiful/talented models as they take you on a journey through style and maybe even a surprise or two.

Local Vendors and Small Business owners will be present during the event, so do not wait purchase your tickets NOW! Let’s make history together with E.P.I.C. and turn the fashion world upside down!

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