Unique Creations Apparel is a new found alternative to what is now known to be a very diverse fashion industry. We have taken a

familiar method of developing clothing and given new life to our vision of portraying fashion, as it was designed to be simply a form

of Art. With our bold colors and eye-catching designs, Unique Creations Apparel is here to transcend the idea of what it means to be unique 

and impact the culture by Allowing Our Difference to be Exposed.




Unique Creations Apparel  is not just a clothing line but a lifestyle brand. We shine the light to expose those very special 

characteristics that allows the average individual to stand out from everyone else. Being unique is not a choice but rather a way of life 

that those very few brave individuals learn how to embrace.  Our mission is to connect the essence of what it truly means to be

unique and give it a face that will be recognizable to the masses and become a household name.





The bright neon green hue combines with the eccentric purple give the logo content and originality which is the foundation of the Unique Creations Apparel brand. Using the bold neon typeface help articulate the message of the generation of individual who want to be view as such to the public. 

A product can not be considered original without an official Seal and Authenticity! The new unique creations seal captures the originality of the brand and our message. 

M-Th 10am - 8pm EST | Fri 9am - 8pm EST

District of Columbia | United States












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