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E.P.I.C : A Show of Fashion (Empowering Positivity In Our Community)

The hustle continues... Tune in to WGIV Charlotte iffective talk radio Thursday @ 9pm hosted by Myke Johnson on Feb. 9 as he will interview founder of @UQCApparel Johnathan Pope @Johnp_DMV as he discusses the upcoming fashion event entitled E.P.I.C and what there is to look forward to from @uqcapparel in 2017!!! So make sure you turn in on Feb. 9 to hear history being made on WGIV Charlotte iffective talk radio. Click the link for more

details Iffective Talk - www.iTalkRadio.Today #teamunique#unique #uniquecreationsapparel #mydifferenceexposed #epic #DMV#iffectivetalkradio #radiointerview #podcast #online

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